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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
I have a few t-shirts I'd like to sell too. I figured it'd be better to just combine the threads rather than making a new one. These shirts are all in great condition, I think all of them (except Vital Remains) have only been washed and worn once. The VR one has been worn a couple of times but it's still in great condition. None have any holes, stains, tears, etc. I'm selling them for $10 each with $4 dollar shipping to the US. Payment by Paypal or check.

Satyricon - Black Crow silhouette shirt (bought on 2009 tour) Size M

Cynic - Traced in Air with tracklist on back (bought on 2009 tour) Size M

Paganfest Part II - tour shirt with dates on back (bought in 2009) Size M

Vital Remains - Old School Death Metal shirt Size M

Deicide - Stench of Redemption 2007 European tour shirt with dates on back (tag is missing from this one but it fits like a Large) Shirt is in awesome condition, just missing the tag.

Symphony X - Paradise Lost shirt with symbol on back Size XL

Here's a link to Photobucket with the pics in case they're not showing up:
I'd buy just about any of those if they were 2x...damn you for watching your figure.
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