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Originally Posted by srm90 View Post
Or like Immolation , but they're also more just anti-Christian as well.
Yeah, they're pretty well articulated, though I wish they would still stray from the path a bit. Behemoth do that type of shit way better than anyone I know of.

I think there's a ton of awesome potential for Christian lyrics, too, that For Today and Sleeping Giant take advantage of to an extent: the Bible is inherently a violent book. There are wars. There's tons of death. The whole thing lies on the crux of a huge battle that all the dead will come back to be judged and finally conquer evil with force. It's really awesome imagery if you look at it from an unbiased perspective, like how we look at Amon Amarth or Nile's lyrics and think they're awesome since they revolve around mythology of different cultures. This is just a different type of mythology.
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