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Void's review summed up most of everything, but I can add a few things.

Made the trip in record time, 77 minutes. Also got on Jungle Rot's guest list, so I saved myself some $. I always like to support the bands, but in this economy, I will gladly save $ whenever I can. Got there just before Abigail Williams set. I was interested to see how they were this time, as I know a lot of the people here like their new album. Honestly though, I thought they were boring. I don't like those long ass pretentious songs they played. A lot of the crowd seemed to like them, though. 5/10

Met up w/ my buddy Bobby who hooked me up w/ a filming pass. He had some rather unsettling news, though. When he approached Glen to ask about filming, his response was apparently barely English. Dude was hammered. Not good news. According to Steve, Glen had some serious issues w/ his voice the previous night in NYC. He decided to relax his vocal chords by getting hammered. So I was nervous..............

Jungle Rot was great. My opinion on them is much like Void's. I can't really get into them on CD, but they were great live. To repeat: the crowd was AWESOME for them. No gay arm swinging, but some serious, heavy ass moshing, Slayer pit stlye. I would describe them as Grave w/ breakdowns, if that makes sense. Really enjoyed them. Got to meet their lead singer after, and chatted w/ him for a few minutes. He was thrilled w/ how energetic the crowd was, and was really happy to be filmed. Also chatted about the difference between touring w/ other death metal acts, verses touring w/ deathcore and hardcore bands. He says they've historically won over fans at those kind of shows, cause they dig the breakdowns so much. Understandble. Real cool guy, and great live band. Vids below. 8/10

Let Them Die
Rise Up and Revolt

I continued to be more nervous after JR's set. 20 minutes had passed, and nothing. Then almost 30. Then I saw Jack Owen just to my left, and Glen Benton shortly afterwards. I was relieved. They took the stage shortly after. Agreed, not as great as last year, but it was still a good performance. The guitars sounded great, and the new guy "Kevin" did an impressive job w/ the solos. A lot of people take Glen Benton's rants personally, but I think most of them are funny. Here are a few he did:

-someone said "Fuck you", and he responded by saying "Hey, watch your mouth! Do you lick your mother's pussy w/ that mouth??!!"
-"Fuck yeah, can already smell the poutine in my shit. Fuckin cheesy gravy."
-"I have some Canada in my blood. My mother's mother was French Canadian. That explains my family's hard headedness and my brother's drinking problem." (I'm not Canadian, and can understand why some people would be offended, but I thought that was hillarious.)
-"Now that Kevin's in the band we don't have any problem's at the border."

And on a sincere note (Glen Benton? Sincere? I couldn't believe it), he said something like "We had some problems last night and feel bad about, so we're gonna make it up to you fuckers tonight." Overall I think it was a really good performance, and people can complain about the setlist being so similar, but with so many bands doing short ass headlining sets, I'm not gonna complain about an 80 minute setlist nowadays. Also, there was serious pit action for the whole set. Vids below. 8.5/10

When Satan Rules His World
Blame It On God
Sacrificial Suicide + Lunatic of God's Creation + Oblivious To Evil

Am gonn aupload another clip or 2.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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