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Guns N' Roses -- Orlando, FL -- March 3rd, 2012

WOW! Much better in a smaller venue! The entire band seemed super into, even Axl (who would go down and shake hands, hug people, etc.)

Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
You're Crazy
Rocket Queen
Richard Fortus Guitar Solo
Live and Let Die
This I Love
Used to Love Her
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo
Street of Dreams
You Could Be Mine
DJ Ashba Guitar Solo
Sweet Child O' Mine
Instrumental Jam
Axl Rose Piano Solo
November Rain
Bumblefoot Guitar Solo
Don't Cry
Whole Lotta Rosie
Civil War
Shackler's Revenge
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Instrumental Jam
Instrumental Jam
Instrumental Jam
Paradise City

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