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I completely understand the complaints.

I was at the show in Chicago last Thursday and it was amazing.
Nothing else to say.

Mike looks and plays great. Robin is an amazing frontman.

I too would have loved to hear stuff like "Gimme Your Love" and "Anytime" but what you gonna do?

Having never seen UFO (believe it or not) I was MORE than pleased with the setlist.

Though for die hard fans of MSG, esp if you have been a long time fan who has seen UFO a lot, I could see it being disappointing.

Let's face it though. Whether you like VH1 / Eddie Trunk / That Metal Show, there is definitely more mainstream attention given to UFO than ever in a very long time. MSG knows that UFO has a new one coming out so I guess maybe he wanted to beat them to the punch and put out there that if you come to see his show, you will be guaranteed to hear some classics!
2/18: Ghost In The Ruins / Maiden Chicago / The Mob Rules
3/17: Iced Earth / Warbringer / Ghost In The Ruins / Depremacy
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