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Originally Posted by street_burial View Post
I do p90x twice a week...
Dude, you're doing it wrong.

Just bustin' your chops a little, but as I'm sure you already know, the workouts are synergistic and they work best when done all together, and in the prescribed order. I'm guilty of breaking these rules myself, as I am a major P90X advocate, but due to time constraints, I can rarely do all six workouts in a given week. In fact, if I'm honest, I'm almost in the same boat as you are. The two workouts I never miss are the two upper body ones. I also rarely miss my weekly yoga routine, though I don't do the P90X version because it really isn't yoga per se. More on that subject in a separate post (later).

Thanks for creating this thread, though...seriously.

Originally Posted by street_burial View Post
you can always try and torrent them or search around youtube.
Torrents are how I did it the first time I tried it. YouTube will not work, because you really need the written stuff as well as the workouts...the diet program is an essential part of P90X.

Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
I take GNC wheybolic protein which really helps me pump up.
Me too. Great stuff, that.

Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Looking to break my Bench Press PR of 315x11 by June.
Dude - that is fucking beastly. I have been lifting for twenty-five years, give or take, and often I'm one of the biggest guys in the club, and I've never been able to do that. The closest I came was when I was in college...I could do 315 for about 8-10 reps on the Smith machine while lying on a decline bench (I hurt my shoulder years ago, and decline is much more comfortable for me than flat bench).

Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
I would suggest focusing on building more muscle. Muscle is metabolic, so the more you put on, the more calories you burn at a resting rate. Since you've already gotten yourself down to a healthy wieght for your height, muscle building would be the better path for you rather than more cardio.
As much as I've never been very inclined to agree with Magson's posts (just being honest ), he is actually spot on here. I always tell people I know to think about adding muscle in the same way as increasing the capacity of a factory (which is what your body is). Building muscle increases the uptake of nutrients such as proteins and carbs, and so increases overall metabolism.
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