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Dying Fetus -- Albany, NY -- March 2nd, 2012

Got to the venue just as In The Casket was playing. They’re an Albany area slam/brutal death band, pretty similar to Dying Fetus actually. They weren’t bad. They have 2 vocalists, but should ditch the short guy w/ long hair, and go w/ the 6’5 360 pounder. Seriously a big dude. 6/10

Volumes was up next. Those of you who know my tastes know that I’m not a fan of progressive metal typically, but I didn’t hate these guys. I’d like to know what the first song they played was. That song wasn’t bad at all. Not a big fan of the clean vocals or his really gay shrieks, but the normal death metalish growls were good, and they executed some nice solos. They only played about 24 minutes. 6/10

I talked to Sean Beasley of DF and got a pic w/ him (of course I look awful in it) during most of Last Chance To Reason’s set. Fucker is big. Probably 6’2 250. They only played about 20 minutes for whatever reason. They looked to be having some technical issues before, so it must’ve been that. I also noticed Vincent from The Acacia Strain was there. I wanted to say hey, but he was always talking to someone. Dude is tall, like 6’4. Never knew that.

JFAC was up next, and they were solid. Same set as Providence , so I won’t post it, but the 2 new songs were great live. There wasn’t much action in the pit, and (un)surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of punk ass scene kids there for them. Most of the crowd on the floor for their set. were normal looking/dressing metalheads. Some people were bitching about “Dude, KNEE DEEP, ENTOMBMENT, BROOTULLL”, and you could tell Johnny was getting pissed. To the point where he jokingly said “fuck you” to the crowd. I really sense that they’re trying to rid themselves of the whole deathcore scene, and prove that they’re a legit death metal band. Only 1 song from Genesis, and they played just part of Entombment. As a whole, I don’t like Doom much, but I actually love Entombment of a Machine, so I wouldn’t mind seeing the complete version. Vid will suck, didn’t feel like fighting my way to the front, but I’ll share one of their new songs. Audio is good at least: 7/10

Black Discharge

I actually talked to Sean about how cool their setlist was, and he seemed to really appreciate it. He said they always try to play a song from each album when they headline. Also, he mentioned that they try to change at least half the set each headlining tour, as they never want people to say “Oh I don’t wanna see them, they play the same songs all the time”. I wish more bands thought like that!!! He said that on the Metalliance tour it will obviously be impossible, cause they're gonna play 2 new songs, and only get about a 30 minute set. Anyway, they killed it as always. Crowd was decent, not outstanding. Not a lot of moshers, but there were some intense pits, especially during Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses), and whenever John said “FUCK SHIT UUUUUP” before a breakdown. The 2 new songs they played sounded solid, especially ‘Invert The Idols’. I think that’s the name of the track, not Invert Child. Check the clip below. That song FUCKING SLAMS. Real heavy. The other one is really good, too. Some dumbass right behind was LOSING HIS MIND for Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog. He started shouting for it after Fornication Terrorist, and continued to shout it like 3 times between every song. Then after DF was done, and he realized they weren’t gonna play it, he has this wide eyed look, shouting at his friend “Dude, what the fuck??!! No Kill Your Mother Rape, Your Dog!! That’s such fuckin bullshit!!” Really annoying. Yeah, I’ll take a song they play every show instead of the 5 rare songs they played tonight instead. Fuckin dumbass. Same setlist as Providence , so I won’t bother posting it, but it’s a great one. Video is much better, as I moved up to the front. Really good closeups, especially of Sean. Enjoy the vids!!

Homicidal Retribution
Invert the Idols
Beaten Into Submission

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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