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Toxic Holocaust -- Austin, TX -- March 3rd, 2012

Venue: Red 7

Toxic Holocaust
Wild Dogs
Nuke the Cross
Reaper’s Grave
I Am Disease
War is Hell
Agony of the Damned
Death Brings Death
We Bring Them Hell
Lord of the Wasteland

Doors to this show were at 9 but knowing how Austin venues run on the weekends I waited and showed up around 10:30. There were a ton of shows going on in the area downtown last night, but luckily my fiance just dropped me off right in front of Red 7, so I didn’t have to take the bus or deal with parking. This was my first time at Red 7 this year since they’ve remodeled the interior so that was obviously the first thing I noticed when I walked in. Red 7 is pretty much a hole in the wall venue run by a group of metal / punk guys, so when I read that Sony was going to be ‘sponsoring’ the venue through SXSW this year I wasn’t really sure what the results would be. I guess they decided that red isn’t a good color for Red 7 as the walls are now a grey color. They took out the booths and pool tables and have put in leather couches and a faux fireplace area, it’s kind of silly. Anyway, I grabbed a beer from the inside bar and as I started walking towards the outside area I was stopped by an older metalhead dude in a leather jacket when he spotted my Midnight shirt. He couldn’t stop raving about the Satanic Royalty album and how they would be playing Red 7 during Chaos in Tejas. I assured him that their live show is indeed awesome. When he asked me to name another newer band that has the same qualities as Midnight so I recommended Speedwolf to him.

When I made my way outside the second opening band, Power Trip, was onstage. This Dallas band’s style of crossover thrash / punk fit the bill for the night. They got the crowd moving pretty well and had a couple solid circle pits. When they dropped a Cro Mags cover the stage diving picked up, but it was still pretty mild compared to the mayhem that Toxic Holocaust brought out of the crowd. After Power Trip finished the crowd cleared out a bit and it was easy to get to the front for Toxic Holocaust. I got a spot on the right side near their bassist Phil. Soundcheck didn’t take too long and before long the place was filled back up and ready to rip.

As the first notes of Wild Dogs kicked in the pit erupted and it didn’t let up for the rest of their set. One of the nice things about Red 7 is that the security is very lax. There is no barrier in front of the stage, they allow people to hop on stage and stage dive, never seen any weed smokers get hassled; but as usual when you give an inch people will take a mile. This group of people in front of me had a girl with a digital camera who was taking video all night and one of the guys with them urged her to get on stage. She got up on stage and was taking video right in front of the drummer for an entire song and she was trying to dance around and shit right between Joel and Phil; it was ridiculous. She clearly did not understand that you get on stage and maybe headbang for a few seconds then dive back into the crowd; you don’t stand there with a digital camera shaking your ass for a whole song. Eventually security went over to shove her off the stage but she pointed to her camera and they dragged her to the back. At another point some guy ended up out cold on the floor. I didn’t see what happened so I don’t know if he was drunk and took a spill or got rocked in the pit or what. Anyway, it happened near Phil’s side of the stage and he stopped the band from going into the next song until the guy was attended to. Joel called for everyone to watch out for each other in the pit. I really wish that Toxic had a longer set, but they sounded great and made the night totally worth it.

The Casualties closed out the night but from the amount of people that stuck around and the energy of the crowd it seemed to me that Toxic Holocaust was who more people came to see. I stuck around for about 4 or 5 songs, but it was getting close to 1am at that point and I headed home.

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