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Just a wild Guess..

But I'm pretty certain that Black Sabbath will be headlining the Sunset Strip Music Festival which will take place on August 16th-18th of this year in West Hollywood. Mark my words.

Sharon said that this one Date would take place in August. Makes total sense to me. And more importantly, I can't see BLACK SABBATH playing There one and only show without a shit load of bands opening up for them, I REALLY REALLY can't see them playing this ONE date without having a fuck tun of bands opening for them . Infact, having a fuckton of bands and being an all day out door music fest makes total sense to me. Yeah, i thought it was ozz fest at first but when I look back..

They still haven't announced the line up for the Sunset Strip Music Fest yet. And the fact that it takes place in late august, and sharon said that black sabbath would be playing a show in august. And the fact that this will be an all day out door-in the open-festival in the blazing heat makes total sense to me for them to choose this for their reunion. Oh and don't get me started with the 20+ bands playing before them as well. And if they do get sabbath they will probably headline the last day of the show. The 18th of August.

Anyways that's my 2 cent. who knows, lets see as the coming days unravel.
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