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Possessed -- Springfield, VA -- March 3rd, 2012

Fucking. Possessed.

Eyes of Horror
Holy Hell
Fallen Angel
Evil Warriors
My Belief
Swing of the Axe
The Exorcist
March to Die
Beyond the Gates
No Will to Live
Burning in Hell [Cut]
Confessions [Cut]
Satan's Curse
Death Metal

Alright, first off, the absolute most brvtal and kvlt local bands opened the show, I will detail my recollections thusly.

First local: Disengaged. Best summed up by my friend, "Flaccid, chinless, and sparrowhearted". I took a photo of their drummer, who maintained this facial expression and intensity for the entire set.

Bestial Sadoexekutioner

Second local: Forgot their name, they were really bad and stupid looking.

Third local: Forgot too, I refer to them now as "goth-Disturbed". Which about sums it but a bit heavier. They brought a whole light production thing with them. Remembered just now: Chopper Trike Rebels.

Fourth local: something Heights. Check out these crazy super badass morons who I really can't remember enough of to mock.

Fifth local: Darkness Descends. Going into this I was like "Dark Angel, fuckin a". But no, no Dark Angel was had. The exact opposite of Dark Angel happened. Shitty slamdeath/core.

But then it was Possessed time. Very tight performance, and of course dat setlist. Jeff Becerra looked like he was having a blast on stage, all smiles when not doing the vocals (which were spot on); and going nuts in his wheelchair. And lets face it, Jeff Becerra still performing with Possessed while half paralyzed, and missing half a lung, is more metal than I'll ever be.

Highlights for me were Satan's Curse, My Belief, and of course, a ripping performance of Death Metal.

So all in all, Possessed's set was worth the abysmal openers, and it's ok to be super jealous.

Edit: Oh and Possessed had a shitload of shirts, all $20, and three different hoodies, $40.

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