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I saw this tour SANS Rotten Sound in Vancouver.

Aborted were pretty crazy.. all the Goremageddon stuff ripped. Wasnt digging the newer material (at the time) live though.
1349 was OK, a bit sloppy. I think Tony Laureno (sp?) was on drums instead of Frost and he was pretty drunk from the sound of it. Very sloppy.

SUFFOCATION came on and blew my fucking mind. Opening with Leige Of Inveracity is something you cant forget. Dont think ive seen many Metal bands with a sound as punishing as Suffocation were that night.

Carcass.... what else needs to be said. IMPROPOGATION as the opening track?!?!?! Yes please, the rest of the set was godly as well. I was standing right infront of Walker/Steer the entire concert. Hearing Bill Steer on vocals is something to behold for sure.

Daniel on drums (arch enemy) replacing Ken Owen on this tour was a decent pick. His blast beats we're a bit slower then Ken played on the album but it didnt hurt the performance at all.

I also picked up a:

Carcass: Exhumed To Consume tour shirt w/ Band pic and the other bands logo's on it as well plus Dates on the back

SYMPHONIES of SICKNESS t-shirt w/ all the gore on it and dates on the back

NECROTICISIM t-shirt w/ album art and dates on the back

Suffocation: PIERCED FROM WITHIN shirt w/ Album art on the front and green Suffocation logo on the back bottom of the shirt.

for all those who missed this, YOU MISSED OUT!!!!!!!
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