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Originally Posted by HugeRockStar View Post
I saw them around this time, they were still doing 'evening with' tours then, hence the long set and the show I saw was pretty similar so I'm sure it's legit.

Also I'm sure the song listed as 'I-2' is Big News I/II. They usually opened their second set with that.
Well there we go then! That also explains why Who's Been Talking is in the middle of the posted set too (assuming that was the closer for the first set). I would kill to see An Evening With Clutch tour, but without a permanent keyboardist I doubt that will happen. Not to mention, the band has generally performed shorter sets as of late. Only their December east coast runs seem to have sets with 20+ songs.

Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post

What this is missing (not including Beale Street or Strange Cousins material since this was before those albums were released): Spacegrass, Tight Like That, I Have the Body of James Wilkes Booth, Big News I/II, Subtle Hustle, Spleen Merchant, Animal Farm, The Soapmakers, The Elephant Riders, Eight Times Over Miss October. Which goes to show that for me to hear everything I'd want to, I'd have to hit up more than one Clutch show.
Yeah, multiple shows are pretty much necessary for Clutch. I don't know about this "James Wilkes Booth" person, but the band tends to play most of the songs you listed relatively often, with a couple of exceptions. They recently don't seem to play a lot of tracks from s/t in one given set though, especially an electric version of Tight Like That.

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