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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Because it's Mastodon. They have always been a weird band, why would you not expect a song title like that from them?

I don't know what people find wrong with The Hunter, I like it better than Leviathan and Remission. I more of a fan of Blood Mountain- present than I am Remission and Leviathan.
Bedazzled Fingernails is a much different type of song title than anything they've done before because it's just downright stupid. Song titles like Mother Puncher and Ole Nessie are silly, but they're not stupid. Bedazzled Fingernails is dumb and it really goes against any usual metal sensibilities. Maybe that's why they did it, but I don't like it.

And people generally don't like The Hunter because it's Mastodon dumbed down. It sounds like Mastodon on the surface, but it doesn't rip and progress like they have before. Somebody here said it's like Mastodon turning into Queens of the Stone Age, which is a pretty apt description. One QOTSA is quite enough, thank you.
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