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Some background. Earlier in the day, COB did a signing session at a music store on Long Island. It was Alexi, Roope & Henkka. They looked REALLY tired and weren't very talkative. Roope was the most talkative of them all and we chatted about his Sinergy days. I got all my stuff signed including Pain - Psalms Of Extinction record, Alexi does a solo on it. It was a small thing, there were only about 25 people max. there.

You could tell they were so ready to go home at that point after months of touring. In addition to signing whatever you wanted, they signed an ESP promo shot 8.5 x 11 for you too which was real cool.

So the show was good too, although I've seen better, like in 2003 with Hyprocisy, Nevermore & Dimmu.
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