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Short review:

Heard one Threat Signal song then walked out and hung out by the bar. Saw them open for Dark Tranquility and they were just as boring then as they are now. Typical medio-core band. 3/10

Revocation was sick. First time seeing these guys and I'd love to see them do a longer set. David's banter between songs was pretty funny. Really hope these guys get big enough to do headlining tours in the near future. 9/10

Eluvietie was amazing. Never listened to much of their stuff but they really brought it live. They called for a couple circle pits and even a wall of death but the pits died down pretty quick, can't really blame the band for that. Their choice of instruments is fascinating. Never thought I'd see a metal band using violins, flutes, a hurdy gurdy, and a lute all at the same time. 9/10

Bodom bored me when I saw them with Devin Townsend back in July. I wasn't quite sure if that was because they didn't perform well or if they just seemed shitty because they were going on after the Devin Townsend. Bodom really brought it this time. The set was great, I'm thankful I didn't have to hear Was It Worth It? Their set seemed a little short. I think they only played for about 80 minutes. For some reason Alexi kept walking off the stage every couple songs which was mildly annoying. The pits were pretty good, definitely not one of the craziest crowds I've seen but there was energy. 9/10
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