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Flashback Weekend 2012

Not techianlly metal but they usually have people from metal there.

Flashback Weekend 2012
Rosemont, IL

Announced as of right now :

John Carpenter (The Thing, Halloween, The Fog, They Live) etc
Tony Todd (Candyman)
Danielle Haris (Halloween Remake, Halloween 4)
Diora Braod (Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning)
Friday The 13th Final Girl Reunion
(Adrienne King, Amy Steel , Kimberly Beck)
Ted White (Friday The 13th The Final Chapter)
Ken Foree (Original Dawn Of The Dead)
+ more tba.

ALSO John Carpenter will be doing a special screening of "The Thing" for it's 30th anniversary.

This will be awesome and I'll have to go.

Last year they had Robert Englund, Malcome Mcdowell, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Micheal Rooker and more.

Truly a horror fest.
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