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Originally Posted by noahj View Post
Third, big props for Dave walking off the stage and taking care of the fans. Dave gets alot of shit, including by me. But he was great last night. Awesome show.
While that definitely was a cool action by Dave, as great as he may have been, in my opinion, he could've been greater. Being that he had more than a handful of fans that were disappointed at the absence of Motorhead, he should've done the right thing and played a longer show (and allowed both of the other bands longer sets as well). Throwing a Motorhead cover into the set, while cool, just isn't enough. The Megadeth catalog is expansive, to say the least, and I think he should've played at least four or 5 more songs.

Does he really care about the fans? I'm not always so sure. He's an enigma, that Mustaine.

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