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Originally Posted by converge241 View Post
I dont care personally for the song but no "Anytime"?
Yeah, my friend and I were quite surprised at that as well.

Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Half the set is made up of Scorps and UFO covers? Come on! Michael Schenker Group has been around since like, 1982 right? Surely they have enough material to do 90 minutes with maybe like one UFO cover thrown in.
Hard to argue with that - especially with UFO still an active band. But the UFO material went down great and with the crowd skewed heavily in the 40+ age group I guess, to an extent, Michael is just giving the people what they want...

Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Definitely cool to see Scorpions songs in the set, but extremely disappointing (to me, at least) that they're only playing one song from the McAuley-Schenker era. It seems logical to me that, since Robin McAuley is back, they'd play at least a few songs from those (underrated) albums.
Agreed - I found that odd as well.
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