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Thats considered a good setlist from POS? Not imo. I'd be pissed if I saw them and thats what they played. Sure some decent songs in there but to many off Scarsick and the Road Salt albums. I respect that POS doesn't keep the same sound album to album but they have gone to far from what made Entropia, OHBTCL, Remedy Lane and Perfect Album great. I still follow them, but not as huge of a fan as I was 5 years ago. And its not about heaviness, cause I loved BE, their recent efforts have just been..lacking. About the only songs on Scarsick I liked were Enter Rain and (oddly enough) Disco Queen. The Road Salt stuff was boring to me.

Its good to see Stress in there cause its a bit of a classic deep cut, but its not even among the top 5 songs on that album.
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