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Children Of Bodom -- Toronto, Ontario -- February 26th, 2012

Holy shit what an awesome show. Every band was great live. To me it seamed every band just got better and better as the night progressed. Just had such a great time at this show.

First band was local band from Hamilton, Threat Signal!!! They put on a great show and everyone seemed to really be into them. They were great, and a lot of fun with them.

Trust In None
Fallen Disciples
A New Beginning
Through My Eyes
Face The Day

Second band was Revocation!!! They were pretty tight live, but I didn't think they were as good as I thought they'd be, but definitely not bad. Definitely very talented musicians and had lotsof energy on stage. They were cool.

Age Of Iniquity
Dismantle The Dictator
Across Forests & Fjords
Conjuring The Cataclysm
No Funeral

Third band was Eluveitie!!! Man, these guys always put on one hell of a show. The crowd was really digging them, the pits were pretty nuts. Folk Metal bands live are just lots of fun. Can't wait to see these guys again.

Everything Remains As It Never Was
Kingdom Come Undone
A Rose For Epona
Meet The Enemy
Quoth The Raven
Inis Mona

Last band of the night, CHILDREN OF BODOM!!!!!! This was now my 8th times seeing them live, and as I've always said, they never disappoint live. For the longest time everytime I've seen them, nothing ever topped the first time I saw them in 2006 at the Kool Haus headlining for Are You Dead Yet? But after last night, I think we have a new best Bodom show. They just played the show of their lives and the setlist for this tour is just amazing Plus they played 2 song I have never seen live before. Bodom = AWESOME

Are You Dead Yet?
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Kissing The Shadows
Shovel Knockout
Living Dead Beat
Everytime I Die
Deadnight Warrior
Hate Me!
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Lake Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll
Bodom After Midnight

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