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Originally Posted by GWAR654 View Post
was an amazing show. it was my 16th time seeing korn and hearing predictable, lies, helmet in the bush and no place to hide live for the first time was like the best night ever. They are my all time favorite band and yeah the guy above me was right there dubstep shit sounded spot on and was amazing. wouldnt really of know it was dubstep. very very very good show
How did you not hear those tunes before in seeing them so much? Just bad timing/how it worked out? Ive seen them piles of times and have heard those and pretty much everything would want to hear (not counting "Daddy" but hey 20th anniversary of Korn is right around the corner..can dream), last one I scracthed off was "Ass itch" when they busted that out on the family values year with Evanesence. Would like to hear "Justin" again that they used to pop in.
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