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Originally Posted by ijwthstd View Post
Mike Watt is very easy to meet and approachable. If he gets to the venue early though he might sleep in the van til it's time to go on.

I try to respect people's personal space and time and never really try to meet anyone anymore except local or real low level touring acts who really need the support so don't have anything bad to say about anyone.

Except John Cale. In a signing line. Horrible signature and wouldn't look at anyone. If he didn't want to do it he shouldn't have done it.

I've seen Marky Ramone act like a dick, though not to me. And it was more of a private moment riding in a car with him so I guess he could be forgiven for not having his public face on. Richie is still my favorite drummer. And he's cool.

All the Megadeth guys were cool but this was in 1991 when Dave was consciously trying to rebuild the brand into something bigger and there was a lot of excitement about what they were doing.

Absolute coolest ever has to be Kim Deal.
I'd still do that.
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