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NIN will tour again. just gonna have to wait a few years. Trent is gonna do shows & release an album with How To Destroy Angels this year, continue being a new father, prolly fuck with some more soundtrack work, and come back to NIN as a live entity in the next 3 or 4 years. He said he's putting out NIN material this year or next also. Let' just hope his voice will be able to hold up as it has in a live setting.

I saw this tour at MSG. Manson came out and my little 20 year old mind was blown. You can see it on youtube or as a secret extra on the And All That Could Have Been live DVD.

Trent/NIN is my favorite artist, but i too agree about Lights In The Sky being the most impressive live show I've ever seen. Seeing NIN live, and the bang you get for your buck, makes it very hard to see other big arena acts and feel like it's comparable.

Iron Maiden certainly delivers in a similar way, as does Pearl Jam. Foo Fighters had a great HUGE stage show and long setlist on their fall '11 tour, but there was too much bullshit between songs and needless song extensions/singalongs for my taste. I never paid attention to Judas Priest before this past tour, but if they've always played that long, then they gotta be up there too.
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