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I just finished the Star Wars novel 'Red Harvest'. It was decent enough, it didn't have the creepy feeling that it's predecessor 'Death Troopers' had or any of the scenerios that actually had shivers running up my spine (any parts in Death Troopers that involved the wookiee child were really well done). It was also a little short, less than 250 pages, and featured no characters in any other Star Wars work so there wasn't much room for backstories. If anything there were to many characters in this novel, most of which were pointless. And since 95% of the characters (victims) are sith, you really can't feel bad for them.

On the plus side I always enjoy Star Wars material that exists outside the classic characters everyone knows. I always find it's better when the author can use the technology and lore of the Star Wars universe but not be tied down to a core group of characters and keeping in line with their already established personalities. This novel, being set some 3500 years before the movies, fits into that catagory. The descriptions of the mutilated corpses and zombies was a lot more graphic than Death Troopers.

Overall, a really good read. If you haven't read Death Troopers I'd suggest you read that before this one.

4 out of 5
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