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The Ocean -- Moscow, Russia -- February 24th, 2012

Venue: Plan B
Support: Ef

The Ocean

Shamayim [Over PA]
The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots & Locusts
Ectasian: De Profundis
The Grand Inquisitor I: Karamazov Baseness
Swallowed By the Earth
The Origin of Species
The Origin of God
Orosirian: For the Great Blue Cold Now Reigns
She Was the Universe


Escapade #1 [Partially Over PA]
Sons of Ghosts
Hello Scotland
Final Touch / Hidden Agenda
Tomorrow My Friend...

Picked up a Heliocentric Ocean t-shirt (now my second) before the show; as always, their merch is spectacular. Spent about ten minutes deciding between two very sweet shirts. EF started about forty-five minutes after doors; their set-up almost completely broke down right before they had begun, so everybody in the band was pretty nervous. They played for a little over an hour, which is about how long The Ocean played, so I'm guessing this was a co-headlining show. EF sounded great, and their guitar set-up must be one of the most complex ones I've seen. Their main guitarist/vocalist had an array of pedals that took up half the length of the stage, so as a guitarist I'm somewhat impressed. Interestingly enough, a third of the crowd left after their set, a bit like what happened at BTBAM/AAL last year. I'll definitely check them out later, I really liked what I heard. Caught a drumstick at the end of their set too.

Prior to last night's show, my image of The Ocean was very much of a progressive metal band with sludge elements; since last night, I've come to find their music has much more of a hardcore feel than a prog metal one. The show erupted into insanity with Roots & Locusts, with Rosetti (their vocalist) flying into the pit with a running jump from off of a guitar amp in the back. I'm surprised I didn't shit my pants there and then, but there was time for that; moving over a person or two to the right to avoid his attempts at being a human cannonball, I thought I was safe, but then I saw I was standing in front of the bassist. This guy obviously gave zero fucks about the safety of what he was doing, since he was jumping into the crowd too - WITH THE BASS. At this point I just moved to the side of the crowd, admiring the energy of the mosh warriors duking it out to The Ocean's unrelenting brand of sludge, and the band itself, equally having fun. Straight after their set, they came down from the stage and began signing autographs/meeting the fans, a really cool move on their part in my opinion, considering they had been onstage for close to an hour with only seconds in between songs. Having recieved autogrpahs from everybody in the band as well as a pick from Nido, me and my friend left. Sweet show.
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