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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
Become The Fuse
Not My Master
Under The Knife
Burn The Lies
Mind Over All
Thirsty & Miserable(Black Flag cover)
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Straight To Your Face
Facing What Consumes you
Horrors Of Self
Through The Thorns
Never Let It Die
Give Wings To My Triumph
Set It Off(Madball cover)
I wIll Be Heard
Pollution Of The Soul
Every Lasting Scar
Tear It Down
The Most Truth
Kill An Addict
Before Dishonor
Another Day, Another Vendetta
Dream Hatebreed Set List:

1. Suicidal Maniac (Suicidal Tendencies cover)

Jamey Jasta and the rest of the band come on stage. Jasta commits a ritualistic suicide. The rest of the band walks off stage and join better bands.
12/26 Macabre ?
12/27 Zero Boys ?
1/5 Genocide Pact ?
1/9 Skull Fist
1/10 Cruel Hand
1/16 Mayhem
1/23 Sea of Shit
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