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Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies review

Just got this album in the mail today.

My thoughts:
-The intro track is kinda cool but a tad long.
-The album gets off to a pretty bland start with the title track. I enjoyed the demo version but it just kinda drags. The next song has extremely similar structure/riffs which is disappointing.
-Track 4 (Subterfuge) is the first highlight of the album. I feel like it would've been a much better choice for an opener, but whatever. The next few songs finally have some parts to distinguish them from one another
-Tracks 7 (Flesh To Dust) and 8 (Generation Chaos) are pretty awesome. I was surprised at how aggressive these two were and all I could think was "damn, this album's really picking up"
-Unfortunately, the songs kind of plateau at this point, not bad but nothing mindblowing
-One of the best songs on the album, Wretched, is a bonus track only on the digipack......

Overall, I'd say this album is definitely worth a listen. It's certainly not great but there aren't any bad songs on the disc. I can definitely see this album growing on me, but on first listen it was losing my attention at points, which is not cool for a death/grind album. Or any album for that matter...

Individual songs are pretty much all cool but the album doesn't flow too well so it may be a bit of a task to get through the whole album in one sitting. The songwriting is a bit irritating, seeing as some of the songs are interchangeable and Pete Sandoval predominantly plays two fucking beats this entire album. The vocals sound bland in some songs, while in others they work with the music.

Honestly I think they could've cut close to half of the songs and just made this an EP, but whatever. It is what it is. I'm sure most of these songs would work well in a live setting, but they aren't interesting enough to hold my attention for the full album.

I'd give Hordes Of Zombies a 6.5/7 out of 10. The songs are all solid but a good chunk of them don't have enough to differentiate themselves from the others. I still recommend giving this album a listen, but it is far from album of the year material and is nowhere near the greatness of World Downfall (duh)

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