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I've been holding back on posting my opinion but I might as well just say it. Although I think it's cool they are FINALLY changing up some songs, I still think this set blows. I have a hard time understanding how so many people are loving it. While it's better than other recent ones, Dave is still neglecting a lot of his best material, as usual. I guess if you have a "I'll take what I can get" mentality you could enjoy this, but as for myself, I can't justify paying a ton of money for about four or five songs I would genuinely enjoy hearing. Of course, there's also the factor of Dave's voice and how they usually have a terrible mix. No matter how legendary a band is, if their live performance doesn't cut it, I'm not going to bother seeing them. To me it just seems like most people just want to say that they saw Megadeth, regardless of how they sound or what they play. I can't get behind that idea.

And as a sidenote... I am posting this to stimulate discussion, not a flame war. Just so nobody gets their panties in a bunch over my opinion.
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