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Terror -- Montreal, Quebec -- February 20th, 2012

Feb 20, 2012
Club Soda

SICK show. My 7th time seeing Terror, and this was probably the 2nd best, after their performance at NEMHF last year. The opening band, Obey The Brave, which is Alex Erian from Despised Icon's new band, wasn't bad at all. I will get a YouTube clip up tommorrow and share it. Club Soda has a capacity of ~800, and I'd say the show was close to it, at least 600-700 attendees. Place was fucking DEAD during Former Thieves and Stray From The Path. Neither band was abysmal, but I wasn't impressed either.

When Terror came out, the place started to liven up immensely. Great energy from Scott as usual, and they sounded great. Right before Out Of My Face he started talking about everyone moving up (over the guitar feedback), and then immediately broke into the FUCK EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY!!!! and the place went nuts. I actually got chills when that happened. Just an overall great show. We didn't stay for Everytime I Hear Them I want to Die. Unfortunately, it wasn't all great. I filmed Obey The Brave w/ my Canon HV20 w/o an issue. Then when I was getting the cam ready for Terror I got the "Remove The Cassette" error message, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't use the damn thing. So I ended up filming w/ my Lumix. Lumix isn't bad, but it's nowhere near a legit HD camcorder. Sucks, because w/ the way the lighting was, it would've been sick.

Terror (w/ YT vids attached)
1) Stick Tight
2) Overcome
3) One With the Underdogs
4) Lowest of The Low
5) Your Enemies Are Mine
6) Out of My Face
7) Betrayer
8) Spit My Rage
9) Always The Hard Way
10) Life and Death
11) You're Caught
12) Keep Your Mouth Shut
13) Keepers of the Faith

A pretty standard setlist, but they switched up a couple songs from the shows they just did in Europe. They played for ~37 minutes, which is almost as long as they play when they headline, so I was pretty happy.

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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