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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
You want to see Load/Reload played in it's entirety and you think I'll Wait should never be replaced. That's two for two on the asshole meter.

Shit I'd be happy if they replaced I'll Wait with a new song. This is one of the rare cases where a band isn't playing enough new material.

Pretty Woman should probably go though. It was cute back in the day, but at this stage in the game its just weird hearing Van Halen doing classic rock covers (Ice Cream Man withstanding, because that has one of Eddie's best solos ever).

I would agree with you there... I'd love to hear You are Your Blues, Beats Workin', or Stay Frosty or heck, leave China Town in there. over I'll Wait!

Full Disclosure, 1984 is my favorite Dave VH album. I have them all, love them all. I think it just has everything that make s VH as great as they are. I also love I'll Wait... but why play it when you're not even going to play the keys? It wasn't that popular?!?!!?!
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