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May as well post my review of the show since you've stolen half the glory there was anyhow

Came to the show a mere TWO MINUTES before doors (luckily my friend had first place in line since I had asked him to come early knowing I could be late), and to my relief made it first inside. I was actually hella disappointed with the amount of people there early; there must've only been about 15-20 people in line when I had gotten there (half a block down from the doors to the venue), as opposed to the output for Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth. I didn't go to the latter, but apparently lines for both shows stretched at least two blocks down over an hour before doors; I was expecting a barrage of people waiting to go in, especially considering how much nicer the weather is now, compared to the last few monthes. Granted, the floor filled up by the time Opeth had begun their set, but it still failed to meet my expectations for my first Opeth headlining show.

Mikael and co. began their set at around 8:30; fortunately, there hadn't been an opening act booked. Opening their set with The Devil's Orchard and I Feel the Dark, Mikael's vocals were a bit off at first, but quickly improved. Face of Melinda (one of my favorite songs in general) sounded great, especially with the latter, more metal-oriented half, with Slither coming next, preceded by a lengthy speech from Akerfeldt about the various heavy metal bands he grew up listening to, also going into detail about the little cliches they had at 80's metal shows. Banter-wise, they didn't waste as much time as they had at Graspop last time I saw them; other topics they discussed included the lack of porn channels on the TV in their hotel room, and that silly crab-walk the members of Immortal do that Fredrick acted out for everybody while playing a Darkthrone riff. Credence sounded great, but Mikael definitely disappointed the majority of people there when he introduced it as an old song of theirs; I imagine most of the audience were expecting Forest of October or something when they heard him say that. The mic sound for Mikael during To Rid the Disease was kind of poor too, but I don't blame them for that, since Milk is a shitty venue anyhow; I enjoyed it nonetheless. To be honest, I hadn't noticed they had played Folklore, at least in full; I was surprised to see it on the set after the show. The next four songs were definitely the highlight of the show for everybody, with Opeth tearing everybody a new hole, throwing out Heir Apparent, The Grand Conjuration (always a pleasure to hear live), The Drapery Falls, and especially Deliverance. Deliverance is up there with Dante's Inferno, The Dreadful Hours, Watching Over Me, Bloodstained Cross, and Sisters on my Best Live Songs list after tonight without a doubt.

It's probably 3 AM or something right now, and my jetlag is keeping me from thinking straight (probably why the above paragraph is as incoherent as it is) so that's about it. I'm going to hold a mean grudge with OP for stealing this thread though, so watch out
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