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Megadeth -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- February 20th, 2012

Long time reader, first time poster. As a huge fan of Volbeat, Motorhead and Megadeth, this was an almost-perfect dream lineup and somewhat makes up for the fact that Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel (also an amazing lineup) skipped Vancouver. Again.

I'd only seen Volbeat once before at the Commodore (headlining) so while it was great to see them again in a bigger venue, the Commodore show was better. Crowd was more into them than I expected, which was great.

Motorhead I'd seen about 3 times before, all in LA, and as always if you love 'em you love 'em and if you don't you don't. I love 'em. Sound was very good I thought.

Megadeth setlist from since I didn't write it down at the time

Foreclosure of a Dream
Hook in Mouth
Skin o' My Teeth
Head Crusher
Public Enemy No. 1
Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Guns, Drugs & Money
Ashes in Your Mouth
Five Magics
A Tout Le Monde
(with Cristina Scabbia)
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

May I just say how pleased I was to have Five Magics and Hook in Mouth take me off guard! I've seen Megadeth 15+ times since 1988 on the So Far So Good tour, and man, any change to the setlist is most welcome! Hook In Mouth I'd seen before but not for quite a few years. Five Magicks I've never seen live.

Adding so many from Countdown was (to me) a mild bummer but a huge crowd-pleaser. I found Countdown a downer when released, and Youthanasia even worse but as I age (44, almost 45) my taste for slower songs broadens so I quite enjoyed them. Fortunately, my fave Countdown song is Ashes in your Mouth so score there too.

I was so happy Wake up Dead was dropped, I was totally bummed we missed Poison was the Cure and Angry Again though I've seen them do Angry before. I was wondering if people could collect funds to pay bands for different setlists or something. Regardless, huge kudos to Dave and the boys for surprising me (us) for the first time in a long time. Last time I was surprised at a 'Deth show was 2001 or so.

Sound was SHIT, I only heard about 1/2 Dave's vocals. The sound man was asleep at the sheel, Dave would go to side mics that were off, and remained off for a good chunk of whatever Dave was saying. However, unlike in the 80's/90's Dave didn't throw his guitar down and stomp off stage so amazingly he seems to have remained clean for a while now! Kudos there too!

Volbeat and Motorhead had fine vocals though

Anyway, so glad I went, I was ready to stop going so often to Megadeth shows but now my faith is restored!

I sat next to a couple down from Whitehorse, Yukon, who came just for the show! For Americans, that's like Alaskans coming to Seattle just for a show. Nice, intelligent people, makes the inter-band wait much more pleasant. I sure felt old though, since I was talking about shows I'd been to from before they were born

Tip to Vancouverites: Getting to Abbotsford during rush hour need not be overly painful I've discovered. Take 0 Ave, at least if you're coming from Scurvy or Ditchmond (as I was). Less than an hour at 5:30 pm from mid-Richmond to the venue. Having said that, I'm glad Maiden's at the PNE and Van Halen are at the Garage.
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