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Children of Bodom -- Austin, TX -- February 21st, 2012

I arrived at Emo's East around 5:30 to get in line early for Children of Bodom's 15th anniversary show, finding about a dozen people in line already (and about five of them were wearing the same CoB shirt). After grabbing a Powerade from the Auto Zone across the street, I kept standing in line for an otherwise eventless hour and a half.

When we were finally let inside the venue, I went straight for the merch booth (beanies were $15 for all bands, Children of Bodom picks were $5 for Alexi signature picks, $5 for two generic Children of Bodom picks, shirts were $25 for CoB, $30 for XXL, and the prices were roughly the same for the other band's merch).

Bored, and with nothing to do, I stood by the rail, where one of the security guys pointed out my Megadeth shirt (a bootleg I found in a flea market with the "Hell Wasn't Built in a Day" artwork with the band on the back) and we wound up chatting about shit that had happened in the past - like how Dimebag broke the headstock of his guitar off on one of the poles in the venue (back when it was The Backroom), how he wound up with one of Max Cavalera's dreadlocks, how Otep would demand that no staff, bands, etc. were allowed backstage when she was there (I also heard a story later that night from a fan who wanted to hear her growl instead of an autograph - her response: "You wanna hear me growl? Go buy my CD's, go buy tickets to see me, and go buy a DVD"), and how Watain had a trailer full of roadkill they had found driving to the venue that could be smelled blocks away in the Texas heat.

...Sorry, I kind of wanted to include that.

Around 8:00, the Canadian band Threat Signal came onstage. I didn't really pay attention to them, instead choosing to stand around outside and wait for Revocation.

Threat Signal:

Trust In None
Fallen Disciples
A New Beginning
Through My Eyes
Face The Day

As soon as Threat Signal left the stage, I headed inside for Revocation. I was vaguely familiar with their work, and had the chance to see them last year at the old Emo's, but turned it down to spend time with a couple of friends elsewhere. When the band started playing, it took exactly ten seconds for a pit to break out, where I moshed until I literally got punched in the solar plexus by someone on the rim who apparently didn't realize an open space at a metal show was going to become violent; as a result, I sat out the rest of the show.

One thing I'll never forget is that before playing Across Forests and Fjords (I think?), David summarized the song as "like Skyrim, if the dragons had titties".


Age of Iniquity
Dismantle the Dictator
Across Forests and Fjords
Conjuring the Cataclysm
No Funeral

I have to be honest, I didn't pay much attention to Eluveitie, although this is mostly due to the fact that I met up with a guy who I met at a GWAR concert about three months ago and a group of people who he had met that night. We spent about half of their set outside partying, and half inside watching them play and wondering what the hell that coffin shaped instrument was. I would definitely like to see Eluveitie again sometime, and hopefully, I won't miss too much.


Everything Remains As It Never Was
Kingdom Come Undone
A Rose for Epona
Meet the Enemy
Quoth the Raven
Inis Mona

Finally the time came for Children of Bodom. We wound up fighting our way to the front to get a good glimpse of Alexi (one of the people I was with had a mission to get Alexi's guitar pick for the guitarist of his band - I'm not sure if he succeeded or not). When the band opened with Sixpounder, the entire audience went apeshit, throwing their horns, pumping fists, and kicking the shit out of each other in the pit. As the night went on, the energy kept flowing - hell, the first words out of Alexi's mouth that night that weren't song lyrics were "Fuck yes!".

The crowd surged, the pit churned, and the fans roared in approval. Almost every song from Children of Bodom that I loved was played that night (I would personally switch out Shovel Knockout for Warheart), which made me literally shout in happiness after the show.

Children of Bodom:

Are You Dead Yet?
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Kissing the Shadows
Shovel Knockout
Living Dead Beat
Everytime I Die
Deadnight Warrior / Children of Bodom
Hate Me
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Lake Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll
Bodom After Midnight

After the show, I went outside by the bus to see if I could meet the band. I got a quick word in to Alexi, met Henkka and Roope, got to speak to two of the members of Eluveitie (Anna and someone else who's name I can't remember - the guy with the dreads), and saw the people loading random crap into the CoB bus (I counted three coolers, two cases of Corona, and a bottle of Grey Goose vodka - naturally paired with orange juice).

I didn't feel like waiting for Alexi to (maybe) step out of the bus, so I decided "fuck it" and just went home. Honestly, this was one of the coolest shows I've seen in a while. If you're a huge Children of Bodom fan and you get the chance to see this tour, fucking go. You won't regret it.
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