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Green Day - International Superhits!

This is a compilation. It's on this list because it represents the best of Green Day's best musical period. 1994 - 2000, no one could touch Green Day's brand of pop punk. Decidedly more punk and harsh than blink-182, they still captivated so many with the catchy hooks and memorable songs. The comp has two new songs (for the time) that honestly sound like they could be their most popular songs. Listen to this album and weep, for Green Day will never be this good again. Also: "Basket Case" is to pop-punk what "Ace of Spades" is to metal.

Recommended tracs: So many, but J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva), Nice Guys Finish Last, Waiting (my favorite Green Day song)
07/02 - Celeste/Primitive Man
07/06 - Jungle Rot
07/13 - Black Breath
07/16 - Psycroptic
07/19 - Danzig
07/22 - Melt-Banana
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