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blink-182 - Enema Of The State

"Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" is probably the album that started me on the path from listening to music as a past-time to making it my life. For the longest time I really didn't like this album, just because I loved every inch of TOYPAJ. But as I got older and re-discovered my love of pop-punk, this album floors me every time I listen to it. There is maybe one filler song here, but the rest is AMAZING pop-punk. blink brought the formula to the masses and set the bar for what good pop-punk is. Everyone knows the hits from this album, but the "deep cuts" are better than most songs from this genre ever put out. This is in my CD player in my car for weeks on end. It's amazing.

Recommended tracks: Don't Leave Me, The Party Song, Wendy Clear

04/16 - Ringworm
04/19 - Trog
04/22 - Ghost
04/24 - Iron Reagan
05/13 - SLAYER
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