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Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

A criminally underrated band, "Bleed American" is probably Jimmy Eat World's magnum opus. It combines the emo sounds of their past few records and infuses them with the pop-punk style of the time. "The Middle" is catchy, but just the tip of the iceberg. My favorite track here is "A Praise Chorus." It's pretty hard not to sing along with it. "Sweetness" is one of the heavier songs that Jimmy Eat World has ever done, and my favorite single from the record. I don't think they've ever replicated the perfect blending of emo, pop-punk and indie rock with anything else after this album, but their whole discography is so good!

Recommended tracks: Sweetness, A Praise Chorus, The Authority Song

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04/26 - Kvelertak
05/04 - MOTM 2016
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