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Fireworks - Gospel

As soon as I heard this album, I was absolutely dumbfounded why this album doesn't top the charts and receive a ton of airplay. This is the perfect combination of punk music with pop music aesthetics that you'll find from any of the "nu" pop-punk bands. "Arrows" is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It has all the elements - a catchy chorus, a solo, meaningful lyrics. Like I said, it's just amazing that Fireworks isn't much bigger than they are. Despite a few clunker tracks and not the easiest vocalist to universally love (although I kinda like how unique he is), Gospel is a killer addition to this band's discography.

Recommended tracks: Arrows, Paintings of Paul Revere, X's On Trees

2/19 - 1349
2/26 - Nappy Dappy
3/8 - Title Fight
3/17 - New Found Glory
4/7 - Weedeater
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