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Vektor -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 19th, 2012

Killer lineup and an amazingly sick show overall. Thanks to rjturtle for help on pretty much all the setlists! Also chatted with Blake and Frank from Vektor before the show, really chill dudes.

1. In Hatred's Flame
2. Kneel Before the Steel
3. War Gods
4. Axes of War
5. Destroy
6. Entombed with the Pharoahs
7. Fimbulwinter
8. Triumph by Fire

This was my first time listening to Exmortus and I thought they were pretty damn cool, definitely gonna be checking out their stuff. Think like thrash revival with occasionally death metal influenced vocals.

1. Faces of Death
2. Terrorstorm
3. A.D.D.
4. Black Thrash Assault
5. Skinned Alive
6. Supermax
7. Empty Chasm
8. Unholy Copulation

These guys are one of the most reliably awesome live acts of the whole thrash revival movement. There will be a pit, and you will bang your head, or their singer Henry will split some weed with you for your trouble. Eh, who I am kidding, he'd do that anyway.

1. Cosmic Cortex
2. Dying World
3. Fast Paced Society
4. Forests of Legend
5. Destroying the Cosmos
6. Asteroid
7. Accelerating Universe

Vektor was amazing as expected, the band played for about an hour I would say. After Forests of Legend, they were told they only had 15 minutes left (the show started like half an hour later than it was supposed to), so they squeezed in Destroying the Cosmos and Asteroid in that time. As they were putting away their stuff, the crowd demanded one more song. So the guys got the okay for one more from the sound dude, and proceeded to play the longest song they've written, Accelerating Universe! This was awesome and hilarious at the same time.

Oh and I think rjturtle has a bit of a post-show story for you all...
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