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Originally Posted by lokia
Here's some advice for anyone who shoots photos at concerts:

Use the sports/fast movement setting (if you have a camera with presets), or set your shutter speed as high as you can get away with and still capture enough light. Preview them and adjust speed/aperature back and forth until you find the setting that works best for you. (My first 20+ photos were too dark for even Photoshop to lighten without making them looked utterly washed out, and many of them were too blurry, too.) Concerts are tough because the band members move around a lot and the light is so low, or worse -- faced out toward the audience (and your camera!).

I suggest experimenting first (which is what I should have done with this new camera!) so that you don't lose great photos. It took me thirty minutes to get it figured out ... ugh!
You got some GREAT shots... great enough to get me off my ass and add that gallery component to vbulletin.
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