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Thumbs up Judas Priest -- Mt. View, CA -- July 2nd, 2005

What an amazing concert!

I fell asleep yesterday, then got lost finding the damned venue, so I missed Priest's first two songs. I got lost *afterward* too, and walked probably two miles in fishnet stockings and my police boots (earning me two very painful blisters), but all in all it was worth the sacrifice just to see Priest!

Turkey scored us some awesome seats -- center stage and five rows back. (If not for the tall SOB in front of us, it would have been utterly perfect.)

The set list was as expected, with only a longer guitar solo, so I'll let Turkey's review stand. However, I have to add that Halford's boots -- with spurs! -- are the coolest things I have ever seen! His coats are pretty damned cool, too.

Here's a link to some of the pics I took:

The Hellion/Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Riding On The Wind
A Touch Of Evil
Judas Rising
Breaking The Law
I'm A Rocker
Diamonds And Rust
Deal With The Devil
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Turbo Lover
Victim Of Changes

Hell Bent For Leather
Living After Midnight
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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