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Social Distortion -- Pomona, CA -- February 18th, 2012

The show was at the fox Theater in Pomona. Social D played two nights in a row there as well. Both nights sold out. I wasn't planning on going to the show, but I've been listening to soo much SD lately that I couldn't pass it up. I got to the venue around 7pm and bought a ticket from a scalper for $30 and headed in and scored a pit wrist band. I then proceeded to get really drunk real quick off of Sailor Jerry and Red Bull Social D went on at 10pm and played until around 1130. I was really impressed that Mike Ness played lead guitar for majority of the songs. I didn't notice this last time because I was too far away to tell. They sounded really great. I was extremely happy when the opened with I Was Wrong. The only complaint I have is they played 20 songs at the show I went to last October and played 16 here. I couldn't tell what song they played after Bye Bye Baby but I'll figure it out later.

I Was Wrong
Bye Bye Baby
Far Behind
Machine Gun Blues
Sick Boys
Telling Them
Gimme The Sweet and Lowdown
Story of my Life
Sometimes I do
Nickels and Dimes
Dear Love
Winners and Losers
Let the Jukebox
Reach for the Sky
Ring of Fire
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