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I felt that Russell sounded great from the 2nd row. The whiskey drinking was pretty funny. Was it just where I was or was Pinella stuck in the mix more then normal?? Bastards was awesome live. When All is Lost was probably my favorite song from SX. I didn't think I would be so bored from the encore though, it really didn't do much for me to hear the same 3 songs that I've heard 4 times now, (even though Set the World on Fire is always fun).

Iced Earth...omg. They blew my previous experience of them in 2008 out of the water. Stu Block was INCREDIBLE. His screams were flawless. The band was spot on and I really enjoyed their set. I agree that he sounded off on Declaration Day besides the ending when he was screaming his heart out. Also, Dante's Inferno may be the best song I've ever heard live. And the dude was being a prick all night, a lot of people were getting mad up at the front.
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