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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
What was the stage/theatre setup for this show? I know that when Skydome hosted concerts they had a number of configurations depending on who was playing. Just asking because as big as Sabbath are/were, drawing 50,000 people to the Dome is a hefty task for any band not named U2.

Also agree about the Pantera set. Not only is there nothing off of Great southern trendkill, but best songs from Far Beyond Driven aren't there.
That's hard for me to remember, it seemed packed but anything I can find on the internet today says there were only 20,000 people there. That seems like a huge waste to rent to Skydome to only fill it to 1/3 capacity. But the Air Canada Center had just opened a few weeks earlier so maybe it wasn't concert ready yet. You can bet that the up coming tour will be at the ACC.
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