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Cool set, and great report! Interesting that they're not playing Blood and Fire, they rehearsed it here in LA last week. Outta Love Again and Women In Love are badass additions, I'm glad to see they're rehearsing old songs too. Seems like the band cut out some downtime too, whether it's drum solo length, guitar solo length or rambling Dave whatever it may be. The 2007 set was 25 songs in 2 hours, whereas this looks like 22 in an hour and 45 minutes. I'm definitely hoping they add Outta Space or As Is by June though!

Edit: Well I suppose I was mistaken, 2007 was 22 songs as well discounting solos and intros. I guess they straight up managed to cut down on the time-wasting!

And MPF, Atomic Punk was played on the 2007 tour. Still probably the greatest setlist Van Halen ever played.

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