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Van Halen -- Louisville, KY -- February 18th, 2012

Opening night of the "Different Kind of Truth" tour. Venue looks to hold 14,000+ and it was packed from floor to top rafters. Mainly people ages 30+, some families bringing the kids. Drove up with one of my best buds who is a freak for the first 4 DLR Van Halen records like me. After trying in vane to get tickets via shitmaster, that basically "sold out" all lower bowl seats the moment they went on sale, we waited and ended up going the scalping route. Hard for me to imagine that 6 people on 6 different computers , with the pre-sale code could not get even a pair of lower bowl tix the moment they went on sale....eventually the show drew close and the two of us decided to keep looking on stubhub , ebay etc. I found floor tickets Eddies side about 20 rows back only $40 higher then face value...had to get them, couldn't miss this show.
Well worth it as the band was great. Eddie sounded killer , his tone and was there, solos spot on. He seemed pretty happy to be there, jumping around, singing with Dave and Wolfie, tossing pics to the crowd, etc.
The whole band interaction with each other was good to see. Dave was being Dave busting out funny stories and lines during and between songs. You had to know Kool and the gang would have been Dave's idea. Pretty much was confirmed when they thanked VH and then Dave by name. and later Dave started to sing one of their songs (Hollywood Swinging) in the breakdown of Everybody wants Some!, looking back at Alex saying "you remember that shit Alex, playing that 4 times a night to a packed dance floor." which prompted out some actual laughter an animated reaction from Alex who usually seems very stoic onstage. Dave sounded like Dave always does live, singing/talking, joking and fucking up the occasional line...this time it was during I'll Wait. He starts to laugh, says I fucked up can't remember the next line, Wolfie help me out take me to the chorus"..... But all in all he was great. As was Alex and Wolfie, who while looking a bit uncomfortable as far as interacting with the crowd sounded great on bass (especially on the new songs) and the background vocals to me sounded like Van Halen, so no complaints from me. The Kid can play and did some cool double hand tapping to match his dad in spots...Stage was sparse except the massive video screen similar to the one on the last tour. Had live shots and artwork throughout, nothing to over the top cool. spent most time watching the band instead of the screen. Small wall of amps each side and stairs leading up to drum. They had a ramp to go out into the crowd, but Dave only came out on it once the whole time.
very cool setlist, keeping some great classics, a few rare gems, a handful of new tracks and the typical massive radio hits you would figure they would have to play. I would have picked some different old ones and maybe added another new one or two as I love the new cd but really it is hard to complain with what they picked.
lots of cool merch. All new artwork related shirts, no throwbacks. average t-shirt price $35..some hoodies , girls shirts etc cost more. had all kinds of stickers, hats, keychain and more of that kind of stuff.
Set is pretty close to being in order, Might be a couple flipped in the middle, opening 6 should be correct and from Women in Love out is right. Yes they played three songs from VH 2 back to back, it was pretty surprising and bad ass.
9:00pm start to 10:45 end. almost dead on.

You Really Got Me
Runnin With The Devil
She's The Woman
Romeo's Delight
Everybody Wants Some !!
Somebody Get me A Doctor
China Town
Mean Streets
Pretty Woman
Alex Drum Solo
Dance The Night Away
I'll Wait
Hot For Teacher
The Trouble With Never
Women in Love
Outta Love
Beautiful Girls
Ice Cream Man
**EVH guitar solo **
Ain't Talkin About Love

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