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Thanks for posting this. I went to this show to and even though my seats sucked it was still great. As for all the 50 year old drunk people getting carried off, i'm not sure what you're talking about there. I didn't see anything like that in my area. Originally there was a date for Buffalo announced for this tour but for some reason it got cancelled before tickets went on sale and that's why we (my dad, older brother and myself) decided to see it up in Toronto. Perhaps if we had got tickets sooner we wouldn't have had bad ones up in the top section but we didn't bother right away since we thought it was coming here.

I can't remember if we arrived late to the show but I don't recall the Deftones playing. In fact all these years I recall the lineup only being Pantera and Sabbath so we must've got there late. No big loss since I don't care about the Deftones anyways.

I really liked Pantera's performance but you're nuts if you think they were better than Sabbath. The epicness of seeing the original Sabbath on their first reunion tour ever trumps anything Pantera did in my book. I loved ever second of Sabbath's show, except for opening with War Pigs. I've see Ozzy open his show with it once and it's just a lame opener that does nothing for me. Opening songs need to be fast paced and get me pumped right away and as great as War Pigs is, the song just doesn't do that for me.

Hopefully everything will work out with the current Sabbath reunion and we'll get to see them again. If not, i'm greatful that I had the chance to see this show. This show also completed the cycle for me because after this I had seen Sabbath with Dio (1992), Martin (1995) and with Ozzy. Those are the three most important singers the band has had and it was great to have seen them with each one.
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