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My Interview with Abigail Williams

Hey guys, it's about time I gave you guys another interview since my last one with Ryan Van Poderooyen (Drummer of the Devin Townsend Project). Since that time I hooked up partnership with a friend of mine from the Twin Cities to start doing interviews together (rather then having bands do 2 separate ones before and after shows.).

Our first one together was last Wednesday for the band, Abigail Williams. A very badass Black Metal band, that is true to themselves. I hung out with these guys for a long time before and after the show and I gotta say, they are one very cool band to hang out with. Singer/Guitarist, Ken Sorceron knows his stuff when it comes to Metal and especially being in a band.

The interview is just about ready to be posted. And as a fair warning, I do not talk much in the interview until the end. Not because I was nervous, but I really liked the flow of everything that was going on that I wanted to wait till the end, and bring out one hilarious story.

Until the interview is ready here is a live video of their song, Radiance, from the show that was edited by my friend. I say he did a hell of a job.

Abigail Williams- Radiance
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