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Shadows Fall -- Rochester, NY -- February 16th, 2012

Went to Rochester last night to see Shadows Fall at The Montage Music Hall, it's about an hour and a half from Buffalo. it was great. This was the first night of four warm-up shows for Shadows Fall. Local bands Fleshburn, Order Of The Dead and Hate Machine opend. I missed Fleshburn. Saw Order Of The Dead, didn't impress me, Hate Machine was good. Shadows fall did a song I think it's called Fire From The Sky. Brain Fair said that the new album will be out in May, excited for that one. Here's the setlist.

1. My Demise
2. Thoughts Without Words
3. Enlightened by the Cold
4. Burning The Lives
5. Stepping Outside the Circle
6. Still I Rise
7. The Power of I and I
8. Fire From The Sky(New Song)
9. King of Nothing
10. What Drives the Weak
11. Inspiration on Demand
12. Destroyer of Senses
13. The Light That Blinds
14. Redemption

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