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Damn it, Solarian you beat me to it. Damn that hour long drive to get back home. :-P

Anyways, here's my thoughts:

My friend and I showed up at the venue around 6:30 since we decided to get something to eat before heading to Prarieland. Lacuna Coil were on their last two songs when we went inside but judging from what I heard we didn't miss too much. We went straight to the merch table, I wanted to get the Motorhead Canada T-shirt but it was all sold out except for small so I settled for the "No Album Till Next Year" tour T.

Volbeat was pretty cool. I have not listened to them much but I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

Motorhead was my real reason for going. They are among my favorite bands and I have yet to see them live but I fucking loved it. I was having a blast rocking out, moshing and just having a good time. If Megadeth wasn't on the bill I would have still gone home satisfied after Motorhead.

This was my 3rd time seeing Megadeth. I'd say it was my 2nd favorite performance I've seen from them with the Rust In Peace tour from 2 years ago being my favorite. Subbing out Wake Up Dead for Ashes In Your Mouth kinda caught me off guard but it was a cool surprise. Another cool surprise was when they played Angry Again which pretty much made my night.

Around the end of the set I ended up on the rail to the right of the stage. When they were throwing out the picks Dave Ellefson came over to my side and I was jumping up and down yelling "Dave, Dave, throw me a pick man!" and he looked over at me and threw a handful in my general direction and I almost caught one but the guy next to me got it which was pretty disappointing . All in all it was a pretty fun night but I'm not sure if I'd pay to see Megadeth as a headliner again unless the support is awesome.

EDIT: You forgot Head Crusher in the set. They played it after Dawn Patrol.
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