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Originally Posted by Solarian13 View Post
Alright, this was the second Gigantour I attended (2008 being the last one) and it was awesome. I missed Lacuna Coil and Volbeat, this was my second time seeing Motorhead, and this was my fourth time seeing Megadeth (first time with David Ellefson back in the band).

I got into the venue just before 8:30 and was inside for all of two minutes before Motorhead started. They played the same setlist as all the other shows of Gigantour, and they were incredibly awesome once again, I'd say even better than when I saw them last year.

Damage Case
I Know How to Die
Stay Clean
Over the Top
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
The One to Sing the Blues w/Drum Solo
Going to Brazil
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades

Then came time for Megadeth. From the reviews I had read I was expecting the same standard setlist and shitty sound mix I'd hearing about, but this was not the case. The sound mix was pretty good for the most part, depending on where you were. I was off to the side near the PA system for most of their set and it sounded pretty good from there. The guitars could be a little bit muddy at times but for the most part they were good. Dave's vocals were definitely the inconsistent part of the mix, sometimes they were loud and clear and sometimes they were inaudible. The vocals themselves (when you could actually hear them) actually sounded pretty good, I thought.

Trust worked better as an opener than I had originally anticipated, and the next few songs after that caught me off guard, being different from all the other setlists I'd read from this tour. The rest of the set was pretty standard, but still really good. It was awesome to finally see David Ellefson in the band. Also, Dave Mustaine talked way more between songs than usual. All the other times I've seen them they generally went straight from one song to the next without pausing to talk or interact with the crowd much at all, but this time he did a fair bit of talking which made it feel way more relaxed, rather than just rushing to fit in every second of music they can before curfew. It was a nice change of pace for sure.

2012 marks my ten year anniversary as a Megadeth fan, so this was a great show to celebrate that occasion. Good setlist with songs I'd never heard before, a very tight performance, and a pretty energetic crowd. A much better show than I had been expecting, which was great considering I had (somewhat) low expectations, and am sick with a bit of a nasty cold and wasn't sure I'd have the energy to attend until a couple hours beforehand. Good stuff.

Hangar 18
Angry Again
Ashes In Your Mouth
Foreclosure of a Dream
Dawn Patrol
A Tout Le Monde
Public Enemy No. 1
Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
Guns, Drugs, & Money
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars
Great review my friend, and it's good to see Dave putting "Angry Again", "Foreclosure of a Dream", and "Ashes in your Mouth" to the setlist. Maybe this a sign of good things to come, who knows.

also, as much as I love Dawn patrol, they should boot that song off in favor of another RIP tun age, i was thinking something like FIVE MAGICS
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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